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We need Bill Holly on the YCCD college board
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Many people say Abe Rojas is a nice guy! Okay. But he’s a terrible YCCD college trustee! 

Abe Rojas has a history of not doing the right thing when it comes to that YCCD Board.  I speak from experience.  From 1991 to 2000, my wife taught part time at Modesto Junior College and also worked there as a classified employee.  However, MJC used my wife’s master’s degree to collect apportionment as though she were full-time faculty. In the late 90s, her union brought this exploitation to the Chancellor’s and President’s attention. The Board was also aware. 

I went to speak with Rojas, my Board representative, and told him of the injustice.  Instead of listening or showing concern, he brushed me off without offering to investigate or help, indicating there was nothing he could do.  I think Abe wasn’t honest; he meant there was nothing he would do.  This is an example of Rojas’s history of not doing the right thing on that college board. Eventually, the California Chancellor’s Office stepped in and resolved the matter.  

YCCD Candidate Bill Holly has the good character not to rubberstamp a Chancellor’s indifference or improper treatment of an employee.  Holly is inquisitive and wants to know all the facts.  He researches and investigates. He listens and asks questions, wanting to understand all sides of an issue.  He stands up for the rights of faculty, part-time and full-time.  He advocates for students.  Bill Holly knows what’s right and does the right thing. Vote Bill Holly for YCCD Trustee!

— Truman Jensen