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CCC All-League Honors
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Boys Tennis

CCC Champions —Turlock High

1st team singles: Alex Lima, Turlock High;  Davis Griffin, Turlock High

1st Team Doubles: Nick Vardeh/Elan Shabaz, Turlock High; William Anderson/Kellen Ireland, Turlock High


Girls Soccer

CCC Champions —Turlock High

League MVP —  Caitlyn Duval, Turlock High

 Offensive Player of the Year —Rayana Plancarte, Pitman High

All League 1st Team: Natalie Larson, Carissa Lopez, Savanah Riddle of Turlock High; Jolee Sylvester, Pitman High

All League 2nd Team:  Fallon Beaber, Turlock High; Kiana Mavis, Turlock High; Alexis Castro, Pitman High; Liz Perez, Pitman High


Boys Golf

All League  1st Team: Logan Adams, Turlock High

All League  2nd team: Zevey Lopez, Turlock High; Bailey Old, Turlock High



Coach of the Year – Jill Ogden, Turlock High

Offensive Player of the Year — Alexis Mettler, Pitman High

All League 1st Team: Mariah Gonzalez, Turlock High; Lehuan DeLeon, Nicole Bailey and Spencer Bronken of Pitman High

All League 2nd Team: Jessie Miranda, Turlock High; Morgan Aguiniga, Pitman High; Michelle Robinson, Pitman High



CCC Champions — Pitman High

League MVP — Zach Wichman, Pitman High

Offensive Player of the Year — Brandon Booz, Turlock High


All League 1st Team: Cody Cornell, Turlock High; Alex Pallios, Turlock High; Colton Horner, Colton Evans and Anthony Encalade of Pitman High

All League 2nd Team: Marcus Lopez, Turlock High; Bubba Moreno, Turlock High; Matt Carrigg, Donovan Bravo and Daren Finney of Pitman High

Honorable Mention: Nick Avila, Brian Mendez, Jon Temple and Tate Soderstrom of Turlock High