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MVP: Kiyanna Torres, Pitman

Setter of the Year: Julia Handy, Turlock

Defensive Player of the Year: Lauren Solis, Pitman

Coach of the Year: Kristen Pontes-Christian, Pitman and Amber Castillon, Turlock


1st Team

Jessica Pinasco, Buhach Colony

Abbee Croninger, Golden Valley

Felicya Zuniga, Golden Valley

Kiyanna Torres, Pitman

Lauren Solis, Pitman

Yisel Perez, Pitman

Julia Handy, Turlock

Jadyn Tubbs, Turlock

Emily Romo, Turlock


2nd Team

Abby Knapp, Atwater

Brittany Massa, Atwater

Sarah Clarot, Buhach Colony

Vanessa Andrade, Buhach Colony

Karen Kale, Golden Valley

Stephanie Moore, Golden Valley.

Jordan Pierce, Merced

Kaylin Randhawa, Pitman

Whitney Barnes, Pitman

Brett Hanson, Turlock

Sophie Bigler, Turlock