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Pitman's Mettler chooses Delaware
Alexis Mettler Signing
Alexis Mettler of Pitman gets ready to official sign to the University of Delaware on a softball scholarship. - photo by Photo Contributed

Pitman High softball prodigy, Alexis Mettler is one of the rare gifted young talents from the area who have proven extraordinary qualities for a student-athlete that everyone wishes to inquire over their career.


But for Mettler, dedication and motivation has proven that hard work presents itself with new opportunities in life after spending countless hours and years on the mound.


The time finally came for Mettler this weekend after signing to the University of Delaware on an athletic scholarship to compete at the Division-I level.


“I really liked the area and the coach was great as well,” said Mettler. “I had a bond with her and it seemed like a good place to go and play college and be there for four years. I will be living far but I will have a family with my teammates and all of it will help me grow as a person.”


“I am proud of her, she has been a hard worker since freshman year coming up to varsity and it paid off with her being able to go to a D-I school,” said Pitman softball head coach Joe Lewis. “It is exciting to see somebody who you can coach and be part of her life at the next level and compete and be confident that she will be good and watching her mature.”


Delaware, is not only an athletically competitive school but their education is top of the line.


Mettler, who is a two-time Pitman Most Valuable Player for her high school softball team, has been just as good in the classroom as she has been on the diamond striking out opposing hitters.


Her 4.3 grade point average is a big example along with her list of AP courses, which she has been enrolled in over the past three and a half years at Pitman.


“Academically it’s a great school and it’s tough to get into and the requirements are tougher than most schools,” said Alexis' father Greg Mettler. “It’s a blessing for us and she will be taken care of, especially since the head coach is phenomenal. It makes it easier to send your kids to that situation whether it’s the West or East coast.”


It all began when she was nine-years-old, with the help of her mother and father, Mettler was able to excel in softball as she competed in travel ball at the early stages and never looked back after that.


“I started travel ball at the age of 9 and continued since then. Playing there it taught me to compete and continue to work hard,” Mettler said about her early years of playing ball.


She has faced through adversity and questionable moments but with her families support and a strong mind, she was able to stay focused on the path to success with a balanced schedule.


“I think it goes back to perspective and she has been the one you hope to raise to be a better person than one as a parent and we feel we didn’t screw it up and mission accomplished,” Greg Mettler said. “People have made it difficult but we have to thank those people because they helped and now she knows how to face adversity and all she has dealt with to get here. She will have an unforgettable time.”