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Accident leads to stolen car recovery
Devin Neely
Devin Neely

A minor accident at a Turlock gas station led to the discovery of a stolen vehicle and the arrest of one suspect.

Thursday afternoon the Turlock Police Department was called to the Arco gas station for a report of a minor collision in which one of the drivers, later identified as Devin Neely, 26, was trying to leave the scene, according to the police report.

Her efforts to drive off were thwarted when a witness took the keys out of the ignition. Neely decided she would leave on foot instead. She grabbed her luggage and went over to the nearby Travelodge.

Officers arrived at the scene and witnesses pointed to the motel parking lot where Neely had last been seen.

Neely’s efforts to hide from the police were ill-conceived, as an officer spotted her feet sticking out from a stairwell, according to the police report.

Officers detained Neely and during the collision investigation they discover the vehicle she was driving had been reported stolen. Additionally, the license plates on the car were stolen.

Neely was arrested on multiple charges, including five arrest warrants from several other law enforcement agencies.

The vehicle was returned to the rightful owner.