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Parents duct tape sex offender caught in child’s bedroom
daniel diaz

A Grayson father and mother captured a convicted sex offender in his young daughter’s bedroom early Tuesday morning and restrained him with duct tape until law enforcement arrived.

The suspect was identified as Daniel Diaz, 39, of Turlock.

Diaz was allegedly found in the room of a 5-year-old girl.

The incident began early Tuesday morning when the mother of the girl came out of her room and spotted Diaz through the living room window. Diaz was reportedly standing outside the window touching himself and saying ‘I love you.’

The father went outside and yelled at Diaz to leave. The father then went to the kitchen window to see if Diaz was leaving. As he looked out the window, he heard the blinds rustling in his daughter’s bedroom.

The father proceeded to his daughter’s room and found Diaz in the room with his sleeping daughter.

Diaz was dragged outside the house by father and tried twice to get back into the home. Eventually the parents used duct tape to restrain him and held him down until the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department deputies arrived.

No injuries were reported from the incident.

Diaz was wearing an ankle monitor at the time of his arrest. In 2020, he was convicted for battery on a custodial officer. According to the court records he was sentenced to two years in prison, but was later granted parole. He violated that parole in January of this year and served 20 days of a 180-day sentence and then violated it again in May. That time he served 69 days on a 140-day sentence.

Diaz is a convicted sex offender for a 2009 conviction of assault with intent to commit rape. In that case, Diaz walked into the victim’s Newman home, crawled into bed with her, rubbed her thigh and whispered, “I’m Daniel.” The victim, who had a developmental delay, jumped up and ran to the kitchen. Diaz pushed the victim back into the bedroom and onto the bed. The victim bit Diaz and got away, according to the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office.

For his latest incident, Diaz was arrested and booked into Stanislaus County Jail on charges of burglary, child endangerment, peeping, and a parole violation. He remains in custody.