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Denair enlists motivational speakers to help start off the year
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On top of the usual excitement that accompanies going back to school, Denair Unified School District will be hosting two popular motivational speakers with the hope they can give the District the inspiration it needs to kick off the school year.

 Beginning on Monday, motivational speaker Harvey Alston will be simultaneously entertaining and enlightening employees from DUSD’s six campuses about individual responsibility. A former teacher and coach, Alston has spoken to students and staff at more than 6,000 campuses across the nations, as well as businesses and other organizations.

Alston’s presentation will be a part of a professional development program that is taking place the same day. The motivational speaker will focus on self-empowerment and shared accomplishment.

When classes begin the following Tuesday, three-time Emmy winner and comedian Pat Hurley will be speaking to Denair High and Middle school students. Hurley has spoken in 47 states and has earned esteemed recognition in the form of three Emmy awards for his television work hosting and writing teenage talk shows. Although Hurley’s routines are typically humorous, they still have serious messages about academic excellence and preparing for college.

Hurley will be giving two presentations on Tuesday. Middle school students will be able to listen to the motivational speaker at the Coyote Center at 9:30 a.m. and Denair High School students will be given the opportunity to listen to Hurley at 10:30 p.m. in their gym. Parents and community members are invited to attend either of Hurley’s sessions.

Inviting Alston and Hurley to kick off the school year was DUSD’s Superintendent Aaron Rosander’s idea. The two popular motivational speakers were recommended to him by other education leaders and Rosander hopes that their messages about energy and inspiration will resonate throughout the District.

“Speakers are brought in to set the stage for a highly positive and successful school year,” said Rosander. “The respective messages on the power of education, commitment to excellence, and hope for the future will be sure to inspire all who attend.”