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DUSD celebrates Week of the Young Child
denairyoungchild 1
Daniel Cool, Bryson Leib, Brody McFarland, Kevin Zamola and Daisy Rosas dance along to Oklin Bloodworths tunes during the Week of the Young Child celebrations on Friday.

Preschool and kindergarten students of the Denair Unified School District were treated to a special day of festivities on Friday in a culminating celebration of Week of the Young Child. The themed week is an annual celebration sponsored through the National Association for the Education of Young Children which aims to draw attention to the need and importance of childhood development.

“It is a way to increase awareness of the importance of those developmental phases from birth to age eight,” said Mary Wormen, site supervisor and teacher for Denair preschool.

Sponsored through the Denair Parents Service Club, children of DUSD enjoyed events throughout the week including days themed around science, family fitness and even mud as students learned how rivers are formed. On Friday the students were treated to a concert by children’s performer Oklin Bloodworth which allowed them to sing, dance and clap along as well as a festival that followed. Festivities included face painting, snacks and outdoor activities.