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Upperclassmen offer advice to incoming freshmen before move-in day
College Advice
Upperclassmen at CSU Stanislaus encourage incoming freshmen to get involved with one of the many organizations and clubs on campus. With over 60 active organizations, the university has something to offer for everyone. - photo by Photo Contributed

For California State University, Stanislaus’ incoming freshmen, the first day of college is quickly approaching and students may be lacking the guidance they need to have a successful first year. In an effort to enlighten these students, upperclassmen at CSU Stanislaus offer their own experiences and advice in hopes of preparing them just in time for move-in day on Aug. 17.

Cecilia Jimenez, senior at CSU Stanislaus, encourages incoming freshmen to get to know their advisor for their major, something she wishes she would have taken the initiative to do her first year. Emphasizing the need for a strong connection with an advisor, Jimenez says that her own advisor motivated and helped her in every way.

“I have a close bond with my advisor as a senior,” said Jimenez. “But it would have helped if I had started as a freshman.  I wish I would have known that I had this support earlier.”

Senior Felipe Sanchez recommends that incoming freshmen get involved with an organization on campus. With over 60 organizations at CSU Stanislaus, Sanchez is positive that each student will find a club or organization that is the perfect fit for them.

“My first year I got involved at a fraternity that opened the doors for me to see college in a different perspective,” said Felipe. “I was able to balance my academic and social life and make great connections.”

Cameron Parker, incoming junior, stressed the importance for incoming freshmen to become adaptive to a different style of learning. Parker’s first year at college was more difficult than he had anticipated, merely because he was expecting the same learning environment that he had adjusted to in high school.  

 “You have to learn how to adapt to different professors and class types,” said Parker, “because you’re going to have a lot of different experiences with each professor and you just have to deal with what they give you.”

In addition to the advice given from veteran students, the university offers a plethora of resources for incoming freshmen on their website. There, students can get all the information they need—everything from details about what to pack for their new dorm to what kind of meal plans the university offers.

To access these resources or to find out about advisors, organizations, and general information, visit