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White supremacy posters spark outcry at Stanislaus State
White Supremacist
The Northern California Anti-Racist Action posted flyers of Stanislaus State student Nathan Damigo around the college campus last week after Damigo allegedly posted flyers for Identity Evropa, an identified white -supremacist group by NoCARA. - photo by Photo Contributed

Posters at Stanislaus State have raised concerns on and off campus as they accuse a student of leading an extremist hate group that is responsible for propagating white-supremacist messages at college campuses across the nation.


“We are aware of the flyers on our campus that refer to Stan State student Nathan Damigo,” said Interim Associate Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs Janice Curtin, who said the flyers were seen around campus last week. “Anytime speech on a campus appears to be in conflict with our policies and relevant laws we will investigate and take appropriate action. The CSU and Stan State are committed to providing a safe and secure learning and working environment for all students, faculty and staff.”


Damigo, who is allegedly responsible for posting flyers with the words “Let’s Become Great Again” and “Protect Your Heritage,” around campus, was identified by Northern California Anti-Racist Action as the founder of Identity Evropa, a group that defines themselves as “awakened Europeans,” who reject the idea that their identities are “mere abstractions to be deconstructed.”


In response to the rise of Identity Evropa posters at Stanislaus State, NoCARA posted fliers of their own, exposing Damigo as a “well-known white supremacist.” Each flier includes a description of Damigo, including details of how he was dishonorably discharged from the military after “he chased down and robbed a cab driver at gunpoint for ‘looking Iraqi’” in 2007 and served five years in prison, according to NoCARA.


“Since then, he has hosted an alt-right podcast and served as chairman in the extremist National Youth Front, a position he acquired after the previous chair was forced out by death threats over his interracial marriage,” the poster stated. “He also founded the fascist group Identity Evropa, which is based out of Oakdale as Damigo is majoring in social sciences at the nearby CSU Stanislaus.”


Identity Evropa launched their latest campaign Project Siege in September in an effort to educate students on “the false narrative that their instructors and professors are promoting.”


“Never again will our voice not be heard in these institutions. We are going to talk to students there and we are going to show them what the teachers have omitted from their lectures and what has been omitted from their textbooks that is creating this false anti-white narrative,” said Damigo in a Youtube video posted last month. “We are going to change the world by doing this. We aren’t going away.”


Curtin said Tuesday that Stanislaus State has not received any formal campus complaints so far.


“As a public university system, the California State University has an obligation and commitment to uphold the First Amendment’s protection of freedom of speech, even if the speech is controversial,” said Curtin.  “University leadership will speak out in response to speech that, while protected by the First Amendment, is inconsistent with Stan State’s values of inclusiveness, diversity and civility. Stanislaus State actively monitors activities on campus to ensure compliance with campus policy and relevant state and federal laws.”