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Spray-paint artists liven up downtown wall
mural pic
Tone, with his face covered by the bandana, and Hocus are part of a team of artists commissioned to create a spray-paint mural on a wall at Time Keepers Tattoo. - photo by SABRA STAFFORD / The Journal


What was once a bland barrier wall seen from Golden State Boulevard near Center Street is being transformed into a mural of bright colors and vibrant designs at the hands of some self-professed “old-school” artists.

Commissioned by Time Keeper Tattoos to fill the wall, the men — once known as the Stanislaus Triple Threat — are crafting a mural that they see as representative of a journey back to the old-school design and aesthetic of spray paint art.

Spray-painting names and pictures has long been a part of the urban landscape and depending on who you ask it is either an expressive art form, or an act of vandalism. In this particular case, it’s a legal piece of commissioned artwork with the proper permit.

“It’s about art, not graffiti,” said the artist known as Tone. “Turlock needs some more art like this.”

The project has turned into a reunion for the men, who used to paint together in the 80s and now all work as tattoo artists.

Hocus, one of the artists on the project, said each man is bringing a different creative concept to the mural to make it a truly collaborative effort among the old friends. But he acknowledges the beauty of the project will vary for each beholder.

“Is it art?” he asked. “I don’t know I’m not an art critic. But it isn’t a crime.”

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