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Stanislaus County Superior Court launches online dispute resolution process
stanislaus county superior court

Settling small claims or reaching a compromise in family court got a little easier with Stanislaus County Superior Court's launch of Modria, a new online dispute resolution platform.

For small claims actions, Modria allows members of the public to work directly with the other party or in consultation with an experienced mediator, if they choose to include one, from any computer or internet-connected mobile device. If the parties are not able to come to agreement online, they will still have the option of going through the traditional, in-person court process.

“We are excited to offer online mediation services to small claims litigants," said Superior Court Commissioner Jared Beeson. "Mediation works best when the parties have a reason to compromise, and the ability to resolve one’s dispute prior to trial without having to take time off work to appear in court is a powerful incentive.”

In family law cases with children, Modria is an online tool to assist parents in negotiating a parenting plan agreement. For those child custody and visitation issues unresolved through online dispute resolution, the program allows a mediator to identify and work with both parties to resolve those outstanding issues at the regularly scheduled Family Court Services mediation appointment. 

“The Court is pleased to make available to parents an opportunity to generate their own child custody orders,” said Supervising Family Law Judge Alan K. Cassidy. “With the Modria system, parents may create child custody orders from the comfort of home or any other location with internet access. Of course, if the parties cannot come to an agreement on child custody orders, the Court remains available to assist with them.”

Participating in online dispute resolution allows the involved parties to resolve the case before the scheduled hearing date, and, on average, in about half the time of the traditional court process. By allowing the opportunity to work through the disputes from anywhere at any time, members of the public are no longer limited access to the courts only during regular court business hours.

There is no cost to use the online dispute resolution program.

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