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Bakers, grillers, decorators wanted for special fair contests
apple pie pic
Dubyak Chiropractic will once again sponsor an apple pie baking contest on the opening day of the Stanislaus County Fair. - photo by Journal file photo

 With the Stanislaus County Fair just around the corner, residents of the 209 are growing more and more anxious for all the fun and entertainment lying ahead.

There are, of course, the typical fair attractions that first come to mind. Deep fried treats, twirling carnival rides (do not try in consecutive order) and all kinds of musical performances. Fair season is also competition season for a select few — and not just in the typical farming or agriculture realm.

Every year, the Stanislaus County Fair holds a number of competitions for artists and cooks from all over the Central Valley. These special contests are sponsored by local businesses and offer cash prizes for the top winners. Entry forms can be found online at and must be submitted to the exhibit office by June 30.

The one and only contest held on the fair’s opening day, July 8, is the Apple Pie Special Contest sponsored by Dubyak Family Chiropractic. Each competitor must bring two pies in order to enter for a chance to win; one pie to be judged for the contest and the other to be donated to the United Samaritans Foundation to be served through its Daily Bread lunch truck program. The top two pies will be awarded cash prizes with first place winning $100.

On July 9, there will be two separate contests held covering both savory and sweet eats.

First, the Jr. Fantastic Fudge Special Contest, sponsored by Timm LaVelle, will open its judging tables at noon with cash prizes going to the six best entries.

Second, the BBQ Ribs Special Contest, sponsored by Mark and Jennie Chadwick, will take place late that afternoon starting at 5 p.m. With virtually every self-proclaimed “grill master” having their own unique technique or recipe, this contest separates who the masters are and who’s still an apprentice.

The Cheesy Idea Special Contest, on July 10,  sponsored by Hilmar Cheese Company, pits competitors' best cheese related dishes against each other for one of three cash prizes.

The fair will even be hosting its very own Jr. Decorated Cookie Special Contest, sponsored by Old Tyme Pastries, on July 10 as well as July 16. Kids ranging from preschool to grade 8 will frost and ice cookies to win one of three cash prizes.

Even aspiring artists can show off their talent competitively at the Jr. Art Special Contests, sponsored by Oak Valley Society, on July 11 and 12. The first day of competition will be for kids between ages 4 and 9 while the second day will be for kids ages 10 to 15.

The Stanislaus County Fair takes place from July 8 – 17,  for more information about these events or the fair itself, visit