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Council candidate appears in music video against major record labels
council music video pic
City Council candidate Donald Babadalir appears in the local hip hop band Underground Parliaments video Outta the Frame. - photo by Photo Contributed

A music video surfaced of city council candidate Donald Babadalir as an extra in the local hip hop band Underground Parliament’s video “Outta the Frame.”

The video features a group of men in hooded sweatshirts rapping about the plight that artists face in the music world dominated by major record labels. Images of Sony, Def Jam, and Capitol Records are lit on fire as the group raps, gesticulating with gun motions to symbolize the “blowing out of the frame” of major rappers who have arguably sold out to the mainstream industry. The video also features a man who gathers framed photos of popular rappers such as Drake and Lil Wayne and proceeds to shatter them by shooting them with a rifle.

“'Outta the Frame' is a creative piece we put together to illustrate how watered-down, narcissistic, and exploitive mainstream popular music is, particularly in the genre of Hip-Hop,” explained the video’s artistic director Bernard Ebrahimi. “Underground Parliament represents the antithesis of what most pop music conveys and we promote culture, awareness, and an accurate representation of the human condition.”

According to Babadalir, his participation in the video exhibits his support for local artists and is in line with his platform which promotes retaining intellectual and creative youth in the community.


“They are my friends that are local artists from Turlock that did an artistic venture. I’m not ashamed of any of it,” explained Babadalir. “We should not stifle creativity and being an artist should be appreciated in our community.”


Babadalir also stated that “preventing intellectual leakage” is a priority for him as is supporting innovative artists, no matter the medium.


“They’re a part of the community and just like we support the Carnegie Arts Center we should support artists regardless of what platform they use,” said Babadalir.

The video can be viewed at: