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Firefighters practice for mid-rise blaze
The Turlock Fire Department staged a fire drill at a senior apartment residence on Wednesday. - photo by ANDREA GOODWIN / The Journal
Turlock Fire Department ran a full scale drill on Wednesday at the Silvercrest Senior Citizens’ Residence. The drill included evacuating the residents of Silvercrest and running hose up to the third floor of the building. Some residents stayed in their rooms, and part of the drill was to find and evacuate them.
The drill ended early when fire engines were called to a real-life fire in a garage in Turlock. The fire was under control in a matter of minutes, but the residents of Silvercrest returned to their rooms during the break in the drill. Nonetheless, Turlock City Fire Training Division Chief Brian White said the drill was beneficial to the department.
“This (building) offers a lot of challenges because of its size and the challenge of getting occupants out,” White said.
Firefighters had the challenge of navigating hose up several flights of stairs and around narrow hallways and corners to the third floor of the building. White said that three story and taller buildings are becoming more common in Turlock with the development of new hotels and taller senior homes and apartment complexes.