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Turlock girl to compete in pre-teen pageant
Pageant girl
Turlock resident Zoe Cavanaugh has been selected to participate in the 2014 Miss Pre-Teen Stockton/Sacramento pageant competition on Saturday. During the competition, Cavanaugh will be required to model both casual and formal wear, as well as conduct an interview with a judging panel. - photo by Photo Contributed

After a successful application and interview process, Turlock resident Zoe Cavanaugh has been officially selected to participate in the 2014 Miss Pre-Teen Stockton/Sacramento pageant competition on Saturday.

“When I learned that I had been accepted into the competition, I felt very special, like I was good enough for this,” wrote Cavanaugh. “Underneath all of the excitement, I was very anxious about whether or not I would succeed in modeling.”

In order to be an eligible candidate for the competition, Cavanaugh submitted an application and was interviewed by the Stockton/Sacramento Pageant Coordinator. With this being her first pageant, Cavanaugh is anxious about what she considers a landmark event in her life.

Cavanaugh will be competing for thousands of dollar in prizes and specialty gifts in the Miss-Pre Teen division. Her division, which caters to girls ages 10 through 12, is only one of four that will be present at Saturday’s event. Other contestants will be competing in the Miss Jr. Pre-Teen, Miss Jr. Teen, and Miss Teen divisions, with the total event encompassing girls ages seven to 19.

Cavanaugh will have to compete in three different areas, two being modeling routines that will include casual wear and formal wear. She will also have to stand before the Stockton/Sacramento judging panel to demonstrate her interviewing skills.

Despite all phases of the competition, Cavanaugh’s personality is what will prove to be most important when it comes to calculating her score. The competition stresses that the girls’ personalities are the number one aspect that each contestant is judged on during the competition.

“The thing that I will mostly have to work on in this pageant is self-confidence and friendship,” continued Cavanaugh. “You need to have great self-esteem towards yourself and friends to help you along the way.”

The 2014 Miss Pre-Teen Stockton/Sacramento pageant competition will take place at 4 p.m. Saturday at the Delta Center for the Arts on the campus of San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton. Those interested in attending can buy tickets for $20 at the door.

In the event that Cavanaugh wins the title of Miss Pre-Teen Stockton/Sacramento on Saturday, she will move on to represent the Stockton/Sacramento area at the national competition in Orlando, Florida. There, she will compete for over $300,000 in prizes and awards.

“I am looking forward to the experience of the pageant. It will really help me appreciate the people around me who have supported me through it,” wrote Cavanaugh. “I just want to look back and say to myself, ‘even if you don’t win, you are still a winner.’”