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Unemployment rate rises in latest labor report

According to the State of California Employment Development Department, the unemployment rate in Stanislaus County increased from 4.5 percent in May to 5.2 percent in June. In total, over 9,800 jobs were lost within a month’s span in the county.


The latest report explained that the latest statistic comes alongside news that the county labor force has significantly decreased. The labor force in May was over 239,500 but the number took a sharp drop to 236,500 in June.


The smaller labor force did not prevent local employers from letting go of workers in June, though, particularly when it came to the farming industry.


According to the state’s Industry Employment & Labor Force report, the farming industry let go of over 900 employees, which is about 5.9 percent of employers within the farming industry. Meanwhile, the number of employees rose for the State Government Education sector with over 100 jobs created, which is an increase of 5.6 percent. The increase in state education workers comes as many local school districts prepare for the upcoming school year in August.


As state education positions were filled, the same couldn’t be said for local education jobs. The same report shows that over 700 employers within the local education sector were let go, about 4.1 percent of the industries.


The report also shows that Stanislaus County’s employment numbers are not following the same trends as the rest of the state. Statewide, the unemployment rate dropped by 1% in June with over 75,000 jobs created.


Nevertheless, the total employment numbers in Stanislaus County over the course of the past year paint a brighter picture. Since June of 2021, there have been over 4,200 total jobs created in the county.