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Vacation fun for the Valley
Summer recreation programs around Turlock
summer rec pic1
The City of Turlock Recreation Department offers summer swim lessons at Turlock High, Pitman High and Columbia Park for all ages. - photo by Photo Contributed

As temperatures rise and classrooms across the Valley empty, the beginning of summer vacation has finally arrived. While many will opt for the traditional weekend barbeques or visits to the lake, the City of Turlock Parks, Recreation and Public Facilities Department will be offering all kinds of activities, camps, classes and programs that promise fun for all ages.

“Our summer programs and classes give the kids experience and background in what’s to come for their future,” said Alissa Kelting, aquatics specialist for the City of Turlock Parks, Recreation and Public Facilities Department.

With clear skies and sunny weather, it’s hard not to spend as much time as possible outside enjoying the outdoors. As part of the summer activities organized, a surplus of sports will be offered this summer for all age groups.

Youth sports will include baseball, basketball, track, soccer and golf. Each sport has varying age limits and registration deadlines, all of which can be found online at under the recreation menu.

Sports will also be offered for both young and older adults. With sports ranging from baseball and softball to volleyball and tennis, there are more than enough options for fun sporting activities that will fit individual preferences.

The City of Turlock will also be offering a variety of classes and lessons that will teach things such as ballet, line dancing, self defense, tai chi, gymnastics and swimming.  These classes offer a unique opportunity for all age groups to step outside the box and enjoy summer vacation in a whole new manner.

“We have downsized our classes to give more one-on-on time with students,” Kelting said. “This way they can focus more on what skills they need to better.”

In addition to all of the sporting leagues and classes offered this summer, the City of Turlock will also be offering youth summer camps around the city.   

The Turlock and Pitman High Summer Camps will be starting Monday at their respective campuses. These day-camps will be offered to boys and girls ages 4 to 12 years and will include enrichment activities, educational games, arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor activities, and swimming.

The camps will also be offered in both full and half day increments up until July 29.

One final event to be on the lookout for will be taking place Aug. 2, and is National Night Out. The event will be held at Columbia Park in Turlock and will host plenty of games, arts and crafts, delicious barbeque and free admission to the pool.

“National Night Out is trying to bring that side of the town community together and introduce one another and get the kids involved,” Kelting said.