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Fair incident reaffirms faith in humanity
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Dear Editor,

A recent experience at the Stanislaus County Fair has given me affirmation that there are still people who are being raised the right way. 

After enjoying a few carnival rides and games with my son and wife, we were ready to grab a bite to eat.  To my horror, when I reached for my wallet, it was gone.  Immediately thinking someone had stolen it, I was panicked and upset.  My wife suggested that I backtrack and check to see if it had fallen out on one of the rides. 

Much to my amazement, when I approached the last ride my son and I were on, the carnival worker handed me my wallet.  Nothing was missing!  After I thanked him and told him he saved me a lot of time and trouble, he responded that someone had found it on the ride's seat and turned it in to him. 

I would like to thank both of these people for doing what is right.  My experience at the county fair will now be remembered as a night that showed me there are still people out there who are honest, not to mention a good life-learning moment for my young son.  Thanks again to all involved.

— Robert Mendonca