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Reflections on 9/11
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Eleven years ago, on the clear morning of September 11th, 2001, the men and women that went to work at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and those that boarded United flights 93 and 175, and American Airlines flights 11 and 77, did not know the tragic fate that lay before them.

 The victims of 9/11 were sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers. They had dreams, they had plans for their future, and they had families who loved them, and in the span of a few hours, their lives – and the lives of thousands of people who knew them – were shattered, along with the belief that our nation was immune to the danger of international terrorism.

 Today our nation observes the eleventh year anniversary of the September 11th attacks, which remains a defining moment in our lives and for our nation. Even today, it is difficult to fully comprehend the devastation and loss of life flowing from the senseless murder of nearly 3,000 men, women, and children.

 Sept. 11 was an immeasurable tragedy, but amid the horror of that day, we also witnessed tremendous courage, valor and sacrifice – embodied in first responders who gave their own lives to save those in need, and in the extraordinary citizens who fought back over the skies of Pennsylvania, and in doing so — all became heroes.

Today we celebrate those heroes, and remember our fellow countrymen who we lost so tragically that day. Today we also reflect on those days following the attacks — the days of an America united. The days when we stood side by side not as men or women, black or white, republican or democrat – but as Americans.

We stood united – resolute in the fact that we would rise from the rubble and smoke and that we would overcome. Volunteers from across the nation joined in the recovery effort, and over a billion dollars poured into charitable organizations. The best of America was on full display.

Today we honor our heroes and remember the fallen by again joining together as Americans. Let us never forget their sacrifices, and let us never forget how great America can be when united behind a common cause.

— Steven Nascimento