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Rumors of the CA GOP’s death are greatly exaggerated
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I’ve spent several days now considering this week's proclamation by California’s weak-minded Schwarzenegger Republicans that the party of Reagan is dead. Cowardly politicians in my opinion that are pushing to move what’s left of a disorganized party, that they’ve destroyed, further left because they want an easier path to dwindling future election night wins. Rebranding failure alone is unlikely to suffice because as my grandfather always said you can stuff turds in a bag and call it fertilizer but it still just turds in a bag. My fellow Republicans should be disgusted.

It’s clear that the California Republican Party needs more Ronald Reagans and lot fewer Arnold Schwarzeneggers in its future if we’re going to get back on track. Leaders willing to put in the hard work to spread an optimistic conservative message, grow voter outreach and embrace digital fundraising even in the face of ridicule designed to discourage us.

Conservative principles naturally make for a winning message because human history tells us that we are already naturally in tune with the core principles of conservatism:

- Individual liberty

- Family & Faith ahead of the state

- The sanctity of human life

- Limited government

- Lower taxes

- American exceptionalism

- Peace through strength

The message also strongly resonates with California’s largest pool of new voters, immigrants coming to California desiring a better life. Nobody arrives in America with the express intent of pledging allegiance to any one political party. Having worked in agriculture for most of my life I know that Hispanic immigrants in particular are already family oriented and overwhelmingly pro-life owing to their strong Catholic faith. Strong candidates for conservatism and eventual GOP membership.

With their new super-majority in Sacramento it’s only a matter of time before the Democrats socialist policies of government dependency and economic enslavement swings the pendulum back in Republican favor. The costlier the policies that originate in Sacramento are, the faster opposition will arise to fight back in favor of individual liberties.

As a Republican, I believe we have a message that will resonate with a majority of Californians. Our state is not permanently lost to Republicans, we’re simply down by two touchdowns at halftime. While some are ready to concede, I say it’s time to pull ourselves together, channel the Gipper and fight ourselves back into this game behind those ready to rise to the challenge. Count me in!

— Ted Howze