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Stop nicotine companies from enticing our youth

Dear Editor:

Y'all smell? These nicotine companies are enticing our youth with nicotine products and giving them lifeline addiction. Nicotine has evolved in the decades from cigarettes to e-cigarettes to vapes, and now they're even flavoring their products. Regardless of whether it was intentional or not, these new flavors entice our youth into attempting nicotine products. They're already going through a difficult time in their life with all their hormones and emotions causing them to make rash or even stupid choices. For example, trying out different flavored vapes because it might be your favorite fruit or dessert. 

This brings me to Proposition 31 where we have the potential to ban flavored tobacco in California, which I believe that we should vote ‘yes’ on. It is proven that the younger you start using tobacco the more trouble you will have to quit and will be more likely to develop a dependence on it. Around 10 % of 12th graders have admitted to smoking tobacco in their lifetime and many more seniors just didn’t admit to it. Another aspect to consider is that adolescent smoking is very different from adult smoking. A young adolescent's brain is still developing and tobacco affects their cognitive and emotional functions. I do recognize that passing this Proposition will throw away some rights of Americans but I believe that it is worth it. We must preserve the next generation, not lure them with no flavors that will cause these lifelong addictions that will ruin them. 

— Sergio Sanchez