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Pitman football: 2010 preview
Pitman team pic
Pitman High School Varsity Football Schedule


Aug. 27: vs. Modesto, 7:15 p.m.

Sept. 3: at Antioch, 7:30 p.m.

Sept. 10: at Skyline, 7:30 p.m.

Sept. 24: vs. Franklyn, 7:15 p.m.

Oct. 1: vs. Davis, 7:15 p.m.

Central California Conference

Oct. 8: at Golden Valley, 7:15 p.m.

Oct. 15: at Buhach Colony, 7:15 p.m.

Oct. 22: at Atwater, 7:15 p.m.

Oct. 29: vs. Merced, 7:15 p.m.

Nov. 5: vs. Turlock, 7:15 p.m.

Section Playoffs

Nov. 12: TBA

Pitman Varsity Football Roster

No.         Name                                position                year

No. 2     David Gianesin                  SE/DB                    Sr.

No. 4     Derick Avila                         SE/DB                    Sr.

No. 5     AJ Derr                                 QB/DB                  Jr.

No. 6     Dakota Selfridge               TE/OLB                 Jr.

No. 7     Quinton Breshears          PK                           Sr.

No. 8     Kelly Ensey                         FB/ILB                   Sr.

No. 10   Shea Patterson                 SE/DB                    Sr.

No. 11   Austin Harding                  TE/ILB                   Jr.

No. 15   Dustin Osborn                   HB/DB                   Sr.

No. 16   KC Jones                              S                              Sr.

No. 20   Jaime Lemus                      FB/OLB                 Sr.

No. 21   Anthony Coffelt               QB/DB                  Jr.

No. 22   Andres Mendez                               HB/DB                   So.

No. 23   Dominick Walker              HB/DB                   Sr.

No. 24   Eilray Eisavi                         SE/DB                    Jr.

No. 25   Josh Neri                             SE/DB                    Sr.

No. 26   Christian Gutierrez          FB/ILB                   Sr.

No. 27   Sharif Collins                      SE/DB                    Jr.

No. 28   Joseph Riggs                      SE/DB                    Jr.

No. 29   Robert Moua                     FB/DB                   Sr.

No. 30   Jonathan Marlenee        HB/DB                   Jr.

No. 31   Alex Rodriguez                  FB/ILB                   Sr.

No. 32   Adrez Del MerCado        HB/DB                   Sr.

No. 34   Lyle Zimmer                       HB/OLB                                Jr.

No. 35   Tad Grant                            SE/DB                    Jr.

No. 36   Jacob Valdez                      FB/DB                   Jr.

No. 40   Jared Ureno                       TE/OLB                 Sr.

No. 42   Corey Popma                     SE/DL                    Sr.

No. 44   Jacob Thompson              FGB//ILB              Jr.

No. 45   Jacob Wessels                   HB/DE                   Sr.

No. 50   Nathan Ortiz                      OL/ILB                   Sr.

No. 52   Andrew Aprim                  OL/DL                    Jr.

No. 53   Steven Brigham                                OL/DL                    Jr.

No. 54   Paul Medina                       OL/DL                    Sr.

No. 55   Jimmy Stamps                   OL/DL                    Jr.

No. 56   Jose Rivera                         OL/DL                    Sr.

No. 57   Carlos Rodriguez              OL/DL                    Sr.

No. 58   Mino Moua                        OL/DL                    Jr.

No. 60   Harjot Hayer                      OL/DL                    Jr.

No. 61   Trace Hendrix                    OL/DL                    Jr.

No. 62   Dillon Weathers                OL/DL                    Jr.

No. 63   Ken Acasio                          OL/ILB                   Jr.

No. 67   Tyson Beaune                   OL/DL                    Jr.

No. 70   Ray Davis                             OL/DL                    Sr.

No. 71 Michael Jankowski            OL/DL                    Jr.

No. 72   Manuel Castillo                 OL/DL                    Sr.

No. 73   Michael Reynolds            OL/DL                    Sr.

No. 74   Ivan Delgado                      OL/DL                    Jr.

No. 75   Stephen Gugel                  OL/DL                    Jr.

No. 77   Tre Vargas                           OL/DL                    Sr.

No. 78   Joseph Witt                        OL/DL                    Jr.

No. 79   Hunter Anderson             OL/DL                    Jr.

No. 88   Lukas Hibdon                     TE/DL                    Sr.

No. 90   Eduardo Lara                      TE/DL                    Sr.

No. 99   Steven Nava                      TE/DL                    Sr.                                                          


2009 record: 4-2 Central California Conference, 6-5 overall

Head coach: Brandon Harris (5th year)

Assistants: Anthony Hrmas, Jason Avelar, Rich Backar, Don Curtiss, Dustin Curtiss, Jon Derr, Spike Hindman, Spenser Hopkins, Jordan Inabnit, David May, Rick Mitchell, Thad Moren, Jerry Passarelli, Eric Reza, Brant Rose, Kris Shaw, Spenser Snodgrass, Matt Staack, Dave St. Clair, Matt Staack, Braden Sweeney Robert Thomas, Tom Tyler, Chris Wolfley

Top returners: Jaime Lemus, AJ Derr, Dominick Walker, Tre Vargas, Tyson Beaune, Alex Rodriguez, Shea Patterson, Steven Nava, Nathan Ortiz, Lukas HibdonTop newcomers:  Andy Mendes, Dakota Selfridge, Ken Acasio, Mino Moua

Outlook: The Pride isn’t heavy with returners or seniors, but the expectations are the same. They want to win the Central California Conference and compete for a playoff spot. It’s a new team, but this year’s players have all been taught well. Most of them watched and learned from the sideline in 2009, when the Pride had a strong league run that was highlighted by upsetting Merced before going on to play in the Sac-Joaquin Section Division I postseason. This year, the offensive line will be key to set up players like first-year varsity quarterback AJ Derr and running back Dominick Walker, who is expected to garner many yards.