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Reckless drivers tie up Turlock police services
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Turlock Police officers were kept busy Saturday evening dealing with a multitude of vehicles driving recklessly in a Turlock neighborhood, and later the movie theater parking lot.

At one point, officers were dealing with an estimated 75 vehicles, according to the department’s activity log.

The incident began shortly before midnight on Saturday when the police department received a report of 50 to 60 vehicles doing burnouts on Atlanta Court. Officers responded to the area and immediately the vehicles began dispersing.

But it turned out they didn’t go far. A short time later the police department was called by security guards at Turlock Regal Cinemas reporting a large group of people in the parking lot were driving recklessly. Officers went to the scene and found approximately 75 vehicles in the parking lot.

The group left the parking lot and headed out of town on northbound Highway 99, but about 30 minutes later the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department advised the police department that the vehicles were headed back into Turlock, eventually winding up at Atlanta Court again.

“We sent several units in that direction again and with the assistance of the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department we were able to clear out all of the vehicles from the area without any issues,” the police department stated on their web log.

Several police units were kept busy dealing with this incident, which caused other calls for service to back up. There was one hit and run collision on Atlanta Court during the incident involving a parked vehicle.