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Sheriffs deputy charged with theft of inmates funds
jose pacheco
Jose Pacheco

A nine-year veteran with the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department is facing allegations of stealing thousands of dollars from the accounts of inmates, according to the sheriff’s department.

Jose Pacheco, who has served as a custodial deputy, was arrested Tuesday as the result of an investigation looking into the missing funds. Pacheco was booked at the Stanislaus County Jail for felony grand theft and burglary and has been placed on administrative leave, the sheriff’s department reported.

In May of 2015 detectives started an investigation into the theft of money from the Inmate Welfare Fund. The money deposited in the fund by families of those in the custody of the sheriff’s department is used for the benefit, education, and welfare of the inmates confined within the jail and in programs designed to provide educational, vocational and rehabilitative opportunities.

Investigators believe more than $9,000.00 was stolen and they identified Pacheco as the employee responsible for the theft. The sheriff’s department did not provide information as to how Pacheco had access to the funds.

 “To protect the public's trust and confidence in us, we will always hold our employees accountable to the community we serve and to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.” said Sheriff Adam Christianson.