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Turlock man convicted of attempted murder for 2019 stabbing
Alvino Alaniz
Alvino Alaniz

The Turlock man accused of breaking into a home and stabbing a man multiple times as his 1-year-old child and girlfriend slept next to him has been convicted of attempted murder, according to the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office.

Alvino Alaniz Jr., age 34, of Turlock was charged with premeditated attempted murder along with allegations he had previously been convicted of assault with a deadly weapon in 2007 for which he served three years in state prison and which counts as a “strike” prior under California’s “Three Strikes” law. On Nov. 8, Alaniz pled before Judge Ricardo Cordova to attempted murder for the aggravated term of nine years and admitted his 2007 “strike” prior conviction which was used to double that term. Cordova then sentenced Alaniz to serve 18 years in state prison.

On Oct. 15, 2019 at approximately 1:30 a.m., Alaniz entered a Turlock home without permission. The victim, Jose Hinojosa, and his girlfriend heard someone pounding on their front door so Hinojosa got out of bed to see who it was. Before Hinojosa was able to reach his bedroom door, Alaniz kicked it open and stood there holding what the victim described as a “Rambo knife.” Without provocation, Alaniz rushed toward Hinojosa and stabbed him multiple times.

When his girlfriend intervened, Hinojosa was able to escape. He suffered severe injuries that required multiple surgeries and continue to affect his daily life, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

Responding Turlock Police Department officers located Alaniz just a few blocks away from the crime scene. Alaniz began running and jumped over residential fences in an attempt to evade law enforcement but was caught and arrested. Officers canvassing the area located a large bloody knife used in the stabbing.