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Turlock robbery suspect caught in Elk Grove
Jeremy Lynd
Jeremy Lynd

The suspect wanted for an armed robbery in Turlock and a string of other crimes, including an attempted robbery of a retired peace officer that resulted in the alleged accomplice being shot, has been taken into custody.

Jeremy Lynd, who is suspected of robbing a woman in Turlock and leaving his cell phone behind in the process, was taken into custody by the U.S. Marshal’s Service on Jan. 8 at his girlfriend’s Elk Grove residence.

According to the U.S. Marshal’s Service, a perimeter was established around the Elk Grove home and Lynd surrendered without incident. He is currently being held in the Sacramento County Jail without bail for violating his probation on a felony conviction of armed bank robbery.

Lynd’s crime spree is suspected to have started right around the beginning of the year with a carjacking in Sacramento on New Year’s Day.

On Jan. 4, Lynd is suspected of robbing a woman in Turlock after she had left a bank. The female victim had just parked her vehicle at an apartment complex on Crowell Road when she was approached by a white male. The man pulled out a handgun and broke her car window. The suspect stole the woman’s purse and cell phone, but in the process dropped his own cell phone at the scene.

The cell phone had a picture of Lynd as the screen saver. The photo was widely shared among local law enforcement and on social media, which led to Lynd being named as the suspect.

Later, Lynd was involved in a pursuit in Sacramento. He was able to avoid capture, but the vehicle he was driving got stuck during the pursuit. Inside the vehicle law enforcement found the Turlock woman’s belongings and the gun Lynd is believed to have used in the robbery.

On Jan. 8, Lynd, along with Bonnie-Sue Sevier, 31, of Ceres, attempted to rob a man outside an ATM in Fresno, but their plans went awry because the intended victim was a retired sheriff’s deputy that had a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

The man had stopped at the ATM and was in the process of getting some cash when a man behind him said “it sure is cold out here.” As the victim turned around, the man, later identified as Lynd, tried to shock him in the neck with a stun gun. Lynd allegedly then used the stun gun to shock the man in the lower back, according to the Fresno Police Department.

The shock didn’t bring the victim down, as he was able to make his way to his vehicle, where he had a loaded pistol. The victim ordered Lynd to the ground and Lynd was complying until Sevier drove up in a car and yelled for Lynd to get in the car, which he did. Sevier started to drive off, but struck the victim’s car, which he was in at the time. The victim told officers later that he feared the woman was going to strike him with the vehicle, so he fired several rounds, one of which penetrated through the vehicle and struck Sevier in the leg. Her gunshot wound was not considered life-threatening.

Sevier crashed the vehicle at a nearby Starbucks. She ran into the café, while Lynd disappeared on foot into the fog. Sevier was taken into custody in the Starbucks. The stun gun was recovered at the scene.

Lynd and Sevier were also suspected of robbing a jewelry store in Parlier, a town near Fresno, prior to the attempted robbery. The suspects in the jewelry store used a vehicle to ram the front entrance of the store and made off with unspecified property. The store was closed at the time and no injuries were reported.

In 2005, Lynd entered a guilty plea in federal court to two counts of armed bank robbery. The robberies occurred at a Bank of the West in Walnut Creek and a Farmers and Merchants Bank in Modesto. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison and five years of supervised release.

At this time it has not been decided as to which county will prosecute Lynd first.