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Noyce Teacher Scholarships awarded at CSU Stanislaus
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In the very first year of the Noyce Teacher Scholarship program, 13 aspiring teachers at CSU Stanislaus have been named as recipients.

The scholarship program is already making a difference in the lives of the awardees, including that of student Alice Poulston, 39, who had dropped out of CSU Stanislaus for financial reasons prior to receiving the scholarship.

The program offers $10,000 scholarships to aspiring math and science teachers, in exchange for working at a high-need junior high or high school post graduation. Students may receive the award three times — in their junior, senior, and credentialing years — and are required to spend two years at a high-need school for each year they receive the scholarship.

The Noyce scholarships were made possible by an $896,000 National Science Foundation grant. The program will be in place for five years.