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$1 million lottery ticket sold at Turlock store
lottery winner
Store owner Vic Singh and clerk Donna Haney were excited to hear the news that a big lottery prize had been won at Kwik In Kwik Out by one of their regular customers (SABRA STAFFORD/The Journal).

When one of Donna Haney’s regular customers at the Turlock convenience store where she works came in on April 1 and told her he had hit it big with a lottery ticket, she rolled her eyes at what appeared to be a lame effort at an April’s fool joke.

“I said ‘oh very funny — April’s fool’ and he said ‘no it’s true’ and I could tell by the look of his face that he was being serious,” Haney said.

But when California Lottery officials came to view the store’s video surveillance, she knew it was no joke.

The man, who Haney did not want to identify, but described as a “hard-working guy” hit a $1 million prize on a Monopoly scratch-off lottery ticket. The California Lottery has not yet confirmed the win, but the Lotto machine at the Kwik In Kwik Out store, previously known as the Orange Market, came up the message: “A Scratchers prize of $1,000,000 was won on 04/03/19, here at Orange Market and Gas.”

“I can’t believe that I even just held a $1 million-dollar winning ticket,” Haney said. “That’s pretty cool.”

The store, which is located at 750 Geer Road, will get their own prize for selling the winning ticket. The California Lottery gives retailers half of 1 percent of the prize value for selling a winning ticket resulting in a prize payment of $1 million or more. Store owner Vic Singh said he isn’t sure yet on what they’ll do with the bonus.