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Turlocker provides luxurious bathroom experience
Cen Cal Portables
Turlock resident and Stanislaus State graduate Christopher Renteria recently jump started his own portable bathroom business, Cen Cal Portables.

Name of business: Cen Cal Portables

Type of business: Luxury and standard portable rentals


Contact information: 209-656-8305

Specialty: Quality customer service and affordable pricing


History of business:

Turlock resident Christopher Renteria always knew he wanted to start a business of his own, but he just didn’t know what that business would be. Earlier this year he decided to combine his family’s agricultural background with his knowledge of the business industry when he created Cen Cal Portables — a one-stop shop for those in search of comfort and ease when it comes to their mobile bathroom needs.

Coming from a farming family, Renteria has always been familiar with portable bathrooms. They’re a necessity for farmworkers and required by law. Soon, Renteria was renting the family’s individual portables out to other farmers and construction sites and eventually he purchased two high-end portables to accommodate larger parties.

In June, Cen Cal Portables was born when Renteria’s high-end portable serviced its first wedding, and the business hasn’t slowed down since.

“There’s a huge demand, which is turns out there’s money in crap, literally,” Renteria said with a laugh. “I didn’t think these were that popular until we rented our first one out for a special event. The feedback we get is just incredible.”

Cen Cal Portables offers standard portables, which are the standalone porta potties many are accustomed to, as well as its high-end portables, which rival some of the nicest bathrooms in town. Complete with air conditioning and heating, a sound system that plays music and running water, the 12-foot and 14-foot Executive VIP Restroom trailers are a far cry from the hot, cramped portable bathrooms of the past.

With individual stalls, cabinetry, mirrors, porcelain urinals and pedal flush toilets, the 12-foot and 14-foot trailers can accommodate parties of 250 and 350 people, respectively. Cen Cal Portables typically provides the high-end trailers for events like weddings, fundraisers, city-sponsored events and even Halloween parties. The luxury portables are so popular that the 14-foot trailer is currently booked through October, Renteria said.

As a Stanislaus State graduate with two business degrees, Renteria did his due diligence when creating his business, he said, picking a market that was underserved in the area and ensuring his prices were competitive, yet affordable.

“Coming out of college, I feel like everyone has different business plans. My thing was that I didn’t want to work for someone else — I wanted to be my own boss,” Renteria said. “For others looking to start, I’d say get into a business that not a lot of other people are in and where it’s not too crowded, because that’s where you’re going to excel.”

Cen Cal Portables currently services Stanislaus, Merced and San Joaquin counties and Renteria recommends customers call and book a portable as soon as they know what their needs are. From there, it’s Renteria’s goal to provide excellence throughout the entire process.

“It’s cliché to say, but I think our specialty is customer service. A lot of people plan a month or two in advance and just because you book doesn’t mean we stop talking until the day of the event,” he said. “We stay up-to-date with our clients.”