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Christianson is a dedicated public servant
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I am proud to be supporting Adam Christianson for Sheriff. Adam has taken the high road and insisted on everyone keeping positive. He deplores negative campaigning and I have never heard him bring up any negatives about his opponent.

Adam is a dedicated public servant. He ranks among the top in Stanislaus County Sheriffs going clear back to the 50s and 60s. The planning, training and new technology/equipment have been a big plus in the lower crime rate. 

I’m sorry that a small group of deputies decided not to back Adam for whatever reason. Only 59 of the 180 deputies in the recently formed SSDA voted to support his opponent. I talked to a couple of deputies that support Adam that did not vote. They said they felt it was better to stay neutral and not get involved in the politics. I guess you can’t fault them for that. Please join me in supporting Adam Christianson.


— Jeff Zaya