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Older teachers are better at their jobs
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Teachers are evaluated by school administrators. School administrators are generally either failed teachers who were excellent sycophants or persons who have never taught a day in their lives. Teacher evaluations are based upon your sycophantic abilities, the church you attend, whom you are related to, what your current social status in the community is, and other unmentionable criteria.

The fact is that older teachers are much better at their jobs than cute young teachers. They also understand that student success depends upon the nature of the family with which the child lives. The extent of the mother’s education is the number one factor in a child’s success in school. Sleep and proper diet are also critical factors in determining a child’s performance in school. Being a “youthful” teacher is irrelevant! The makeup of a classroom also determines success. Some teachers have outstanding scores — but their classrooms have been “loaded” with the gifted students (which is discrimination as it doesn’t reflect the total community of students). In other words, each classroom is supposed to be a reflection of the larger community.

Remember that the seniors in the “seniority system” were given those positions by the administrators! Any failure in the “system” lies with those in charge — punishment cannot be directed towards those successful teachers doing their jobs regardless of their age.

— Ken Garst