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Senate Bill 562 is doomed
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The politicians who penned this attempt at universal, one payer, government-run health insurance have absolutely no idea what they are doing.

Current policies don’t cover vision or dental or nursing home care and have deductibles of thousands of dollars and are prohibitively expensive. Including the extra benefits and eliminating deductibles could easily double monthly premiums. Approximately 17.5 million Californians will pay with their taxes for the insurance of 38.5 million policy holders, according to a recent Journal article. That alone will more than double the amount due to those funding the program (tax payers).

If Medi-Cal is any indicatin of the reimbursement of this program, most physicians will opt out of participation as it pays one-third of usual and customary fee schedules.

All countries that have adopted universal health insurance have bankrupted their sources. People wait for two years to see a dentist in England and Canadians pay in the U.S. for care they won’t wait for at home.

Senator Jeff Stone summed it up perfectly with, “If you think the lines at DMV are long, wait until you need an MRI…”


— Dave Dubyak