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CrossFit scores with Turlock athletes
Locals compete in first competition
CrossFit 3
The Clean was one of many workouts used for the fight gone bad routine, a traditional CrossFit workout. - photo by EDDIE RUIZ/The Journal

CrossFit ParaBellum hosted their first fitness competition on their one-year anniversary at their Turlock gym Saturday, with over 98 participants from around the Central Valley.

 “Were doing a just for fun fitness competition, and it’s the first time doing a summer time competition style event,” owner and host of the event Scott Sedgwick said. “It’s kind of a community building event between ourselves and other CrossFit gyms from the Valley. It’s just a bunch of good people getting together, having a good time all in the name of being healthy and enjoying some good camaraderie.”

The competition included the well-known exercise Fight Gone Bad, which is a traditional CrossFit workout, Scott Sedgwick said. The exercise entails repeated cycles of medicine ball tosses, rowing, and weightlifting.

Ross Tate was the top male with a score of 358 for the day and Jen Cadmus won the female category with a score of 299. Each winner took home $150, a bag of Progenex protein (a $60 value) and a shirt.

Turlock residents who participated included first time competitor Turlock Police Officer Mayra Lewis, who finished with a score of 182. Kyle Frenzle, a Turlock firefighter, finished his first competition with a score of 308. Marie Stucker was able to place 5th with a 274 score.

“CrossFit has made me so much stronger and more capable to do the job that I do. I think it is great we have this today because we are a huge growing community all over the world,” Lewis said. “This is a huge opportunity for all of us to contest all we have learned. I personally have a hard time doing the wall balls and it’s a challenge, because I am not used to this, but I am glad and happy to be able to compete.”

Turlock’s Traci Liston, who is 38-weeks pregnant—completed the workout with a score of 235.

“The fact that Traci was able to compete after being pregnant for 38 weeks was an amazing accomplishment to watch,” co-owner, Rene Sedgwick said. “I don’t think I have ever seen that before.”

The event , which drew about 60 spectators, also coincided with the gym’s one-year anniversary.

“We didn’t plan it this way, but it was also our one-year anniversary at our current location, by accident,” Scott Sedgwick said. “We didn’t know until our Realtor gave us a call and congratulated us.”