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Taxi driver assaulted in Turlock
jon Scott
Jon Scott

A taxi driver was beaten and robbed by an 18-year-old Turlock man who mistakenly believed the driver was flirting with a woman.

Jon Scott, 18, was booked into the Stanislaus County Jail on Thursday on a charge of strong-armed robbery, said Turlock Police spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis.

The attack was reported by the driver after he fled from the suspect.

The driver, a 38-year-old man, was responding to a call for a pick up in the 800 block of Angelus Street around 11 p.m. Thursday. The driver was talking to the woman who had called for the taxi when he was attacked, Lewis said.

Scott allegedly punched the driver several times before the driver was able to break away and run to safety.

The driver contacted the police and when he returned to his taxi he found several items had been stolen, Lewis said.

While speaking to the officers at the scene the driver noticed the woman standing nearby and pointed her out to the officers. The officers went over to speak to her and saw a man peaking over the fence, Lewis said. The officers were able to detain the man, later identified as Scott, and he was identified by the driver as his attacker.

Scott is being held in custody in lieu of a $50,000.