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Thousands of pirated movies, music seized at Turlock Flea Market
stolen dvds pic
Boxes and boxes of pirated movies and music were confiscated at theTurlock Flea Market on Tuesday. - photo by Photo Contributed

The anti-piracy sting at the Turlock Flea Market Tuesday resulted in the seizure of thousands of bootlegged movies and music, the Turlock Police Department reported.

The operation was conducted by the Turlock Police Department and the Recording Industry Association and the Movie Picture of America Association to target those peddling in pirated movies and music.

Investigators located twelve spaces that were displaying pirated music CD’s and movie DVD’s for sale. Detectives seized over 4,000 pirated music CD’s and over 20,000 pirated movie DVD’s for a total monetary amount in excess of $220,000, according to the TPD.


Felony arrests were made for violations related to possession and sales of pirated material. Those arrested were: Juan Gabriel Fernandez, 35, of Merced; Jannet Chavarria-Montanez, 18, of Modesto; Joel Ramirez, 24, of Modesto; Hector Manuel Arrieta, 45, of Modesto; Miguel Angel Ruiz, 42, of Turlock; Roberto Soto, 33, of Tracy; Joel Torres, 20, of Modesto; Diana Chavarria, 20, of Modesto; Oliver Munoz, 19, of Modesto; and Juan Rios, 21 of Modesto.


The sting operation was carried out at the Turlock Flea Market on East Avenue.