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Dark Girls documentary screening at MJC
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The Modesto Junior College Civic Engagement Project will present a screening of the documentary film “Dark Girls” as part of its Spring Film and Lecture Series.

The film will shine a light on the various prejudices faced by women with darker shades of skin color throughout the world and argue that historical forces, such as the media and cosmetic industries, have led to self-esteem issues and the internalized racism that characterize the phenomenon of “colorism.” 

After the film, there will be a panel discussion with a number of guests, one of which is Cheryl Williams-Jackson, Ph.D., mental health clinician and MJC professor of child development and human services.

The “Dark Girls” documentary screening is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Thursday in Forum 110 on East Campus, 435 College Avenue. Campus parking is available for $2 in student parking lots.

For more information on MJC’s CEP or the Film and Lecture Series, contact Jason Wohlstadter at