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Race for Turlock City Council District 1 seat heats up
Newcomer Logan Sisco throws hat into ring
Logan Sisco
Logan Sisco is running for the Turlock City Council District 1 seat. - photo by Contributed

While Logan Sisco has only been a resident of Turlock for one year, he has fallen in love with his adopted city and is eager to represent his neighbors in District 1 on the Turlock City Council.

The Riverbank native and Waterford charter school employee filed his Candidate Intention Statement with the Turlock City Clerk’s office in May and has been active on social media about his campaign.

“I see a lot of greatness in Turlock, but there are ways Turlock could be better,” Sisco said.

Sisco joins former Turlock City Council member Forrest White in the race for the District 1 seat on the November ballot. Current District 1 representative Matthew Jacob announced earlier this month that he would not be seeking reelection.

Sisco said the “homelessness crisis” in Turlock is what motivated him to jump into the race. Living near Crane Park, Sisco said he sees people hanging out all day who seem displaced. He’d like to see the City of Turlock work alongside service providers like United Samaritans, We Care and the Turlock Gospel Mission to better address the issue.

“We tend to forget these are people, some with mental health issues or substance abuse or just down on their luck, they are still people,” he said.

Along with homelessness, Sisco would like to see the City of Turlock take a bigger role in bringing mental health services to the community.

Another key issue for Sisco is the number of employees leaving the City of Turlock.

“We need to address what is going on at City Hall…we need compassionate leadership,” he said.

Sisco said, if elected, he would make public safety a priority. He is concerned about losing a community policing aspect, where officers live in the same community they serve.

“We need to do whatever we can to keep our public safety officers here in Turlock,” he said.

Sisco also acknowledged that communities across the Valley are dealing with the same issues.

“If this was easy, it’d already be answered,” he said.

When it comes to the growing and sales of cannabis, Sisco said he would be in favor of lifting the City of Turlock’s current ban.

“The people of the State of California made themselves very clear…We have to fall in line with the rest of the state. This is a source of revenue that the City hasn’t tapped into yet,” he said.

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