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TABPAC Board endorses DeHart and White
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The TABPAC, Turlock Action for Business, interview team has selected two candidates for endorsement for the Turlock City Council. The interview process gave the TABPAC interview team an opportunity to get to know each candidate and their platform, and their reason for wanting to serve the Turlock community on the City Council. 

There were specific questions given to each candidate who participated as an opportunity to address their qualifications and platform to why they were running for the office of City Council.

The following format was used in the selection process:

— The candidates had a five minute opening statement to introduce their qualifications and platform;

— There were specific questions posed to each candidate;

— And the candidates had two minutes for closing remarks.


It is of utmost importance to the business community to know that the elected officials understand the needs of the business community as well as the impact their decisions have on the community as a whole. At the end of the process, the decision was made to endorse William “Bill” DeHart and Forrest White.  Each of these men has an understanding of the business community, as well as an understanding of the needs of the community of Turlock.  We believe Turlock's future is best served with these two individuals being elected for City Council.

Marty Jakosa, TABPAC Board chair