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The attacks have begun
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The bow shot that Turlock City Council member Ted Howze has let loose in his opinion piece in the Turlock Journal’s Wednesday paper, signals the opening of candidate season. As we all remember from the previous two City Council contests, Mr. Howze’s vituperous, vicious, decidedly uncivil attacks on his perceived opponent were masterpieces of bullying. Not wishing to disappoint us, he begins anew.
This time, his target is our mayor, John Lazar. By his own admission, Howze says that a pending lawsuit against the previous city manager, Tim Kerr, seems fated to be dismissed, but Howze is determined to cling to his ridiculous accusations against Mayor Lazar, attempting to smear the mayor and Mr. Kerr with charges of corruption.
It is very apparent that Howze is running for mayor of Turlock. May Heaven preserve us. Howze, in his op-ed piece, infers that he and the other two council members who slavishly follow his lead, are on the side of right, while all others are on the side of “wrong.”
Mr. Howze says that he has been threatened with political ruin. Since Mr. Howze is his own worst enemy, who else has he to fear?
— J. E. Adams