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State law prompts DUSD administrators to relocate
DUSD portables pic
Denair Unified administrators must move out of their current office building by the end of September due to a state law that prohibits the use of portable structures as school buildings. - photo by ALYSSON AREDAS / The Journal

A state law is requiring Denair Unified School District administrators and their respective staff to move out of their offices into three spare classrooms by the end of September.

However, these offices are not being targeted without reason.

The two buildings are the subject of Senate Bill 1324, which restricts the use of Housing and Community Development relocatable buildings as school buildings. The bill was enacted into law in September 2006.

“The type of relocatable classroom is one that does not meet typical state construction requirements, but has been allowed to be used as a classroom,” said Ken Hunt, public information officer from the California Department of General Services.

Hunt noted that school districts have been allowed to use this type of classroom up until September.

Administrators that will be affected by this move are Superintendent Aaron Rosander, Chief Business Officer Linda Covello and Senior Director of Student Support Services Michelle Bush along with their staff—all of which were situated in the two relocatable buildings that were built in 1980 and 2001.  

The District plans to reconstruct three adjoining elementary classrooms by removing partitions dividing the rooms in order to provide new office spaces for affected administrators.

According to Covello, this project is estimated to cost approximately $35,000 with a completion slated for August before school starts. To fund this project, the District will use money from a restricted maintenance fund that holds $60,000, which has been it carried over from last year.

As for the relocatable building previously used by Rosander, the District is considering modifying the space for the district administration and technology staff, since that will not be considered a school building. The other building is expected to be locked and fenced off.